Tuesday 3rd November 2015- The light at the end seems to be getting dimmer and dimmer..


So today another crazy day and exhausting mentally and physically for us all… Leo woke up at about 5am this morning…I think he is still in Spanish time.

We took him for a nice walk and we had to make a few more calls about sorting out medical paperwork but everything looks good on that side of things. The top dogs in the spanish hospital are doing everything to help us now out here to get Leo back.


Leo loving his yoghurt!

So today I went to primark as I did not bring many clothes for Leo as I thought he would be wearing hospital attire all the time but they don’t have hospital pj´s so I had to grab some stuff from good old primark for him.


The plan was that the neurosurgeon team at Alder Hey were going to have a meeting today about Leos case and give us a call to probably go in tomorrow and have the operation on Thursday. We received a call and they had finalized the paperwork and had a theatre slot for tomorrow…so we had to come to the hospital asap…Thank god for my little brother who was able to bring us here from Manchester immediately.


We got the paperwork sorted and got Leos room…..this hospital is so amazing! Leo has his own room and the décor is really nice.


So the head neurosurgeon came in to speak to us again now and to complete the consent form. He told us straight about his thoughts. His educated opinion is that Leos tumour is not a teratoma tumour as was orginally concluded in Spain. He said that due to its location and the agressiveness of its rapid growth the indications are there that it could be something a lot worse such as a teratoid or rhabdoid tumour which do not have good survival rates at all. He is very confident that the operation will be no problem tomorrow and Leo will be fine….the problem is what is the tumour? They will also do a lumbar puncture test tomorrow to see if there are any microscopic cells of the tumour or cancer being in other places of leos body, if this is the case it will be time to wave the white flag.

I am praying that the biopsy in Spain could not have been so wrong, there are new cases or new diseases and tumours everyday and this could also be Leos case. Spain are going to send a sample of the tumour tissue also to England asap for analysis over here.

Leo has fought so hard…but with the information we got today it almost feels like he could never win this battle no matter how hard he fights….if this is the case of the wrong tumour then he was doomed from the beginning  and nothing anyone could have done could have changed things. The surgeon said that depending on the results we may have to make a decision about if the survival rate is low whether to put Leo through so much pain and suffering if he would not really have a life at the end…..I cannot think about that now, need to do one step at a time or I think I really have a nervous breakdown.

On a happier note…..we received this beautiful Leo the lion blanket today…Thank you so much! It is so beautiful and gave me a lump in my throat seeing it. Leo is using it at the hospital now and he loves it.

20151103_194025 20151103_194054  20151103_194327  20151103_222425

Leo is fast asleep right now, he has had a few tests done, eaten his weetabix for strength for tomorrow and got his new frozen pjs on…. So time to relax a bit and unwind also.


The next week of results and tests will basically determine Leos whole future..

Everyone please say a  prayer for Leo tomorrow….the operation will probably be about 10.30am UK time.


One thought on “Tuesday 3rd November 2015- The light at the end seems to be getting dimmer and dimmer..

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all…If there is a god up there then he better look after this little ‘Leo the Lion’. You all have amazing strength, may that get you through…. We’ll all be saying a little prayer for him tomorrow. xxx


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