Thursday 5th November 2015- We could not be prouder to call Leo the Lion our son.


I really thought it would be a long long long time before I said that there was good news and that Leo had a good day but today it was.

Although the little Lion was awake from about 5am screaming and crying for about 3 hours it did get better after that, I think he was in pain on his head. The doctors gave him some morphin and he calmed down a bit.

He was quite content during the day just a little bit aggitated and frustrated as normal as he could not do what he wanted to do. He was moving his head around although there was still inflammation from the operation. He was a bit stressed with the bandage on the head so he pulled it off! The surgeon decided to use the same cut as the first operation but with disolvable stitches. It looked quite good considering two major operations in 2 months.

48 46

The neurosurgeon came in today to speak to us. He said that they already had the results from Leos lumbar puncture test and it was all clear which means there are no microscopic cancer cells in any other parts of his body which is wonderful news as if there was I think it would have been ´game over´ but its not! 🙂

The neurosurgeon said that the tumour is definetly not an immature teratoma tumour but they were stilll working on what it was, the pathologist confirmed again that it was definetly maligant. Fingers crossed it was not the bad Teratoid or rhabdoid tumour as survival rate is not good at all, but Leo keeps on beating the odds anyway! The surgeon said there was an idea it could be  another type. We need to wait until Tuesday to fine out those results. Another long ass wait!

Whatever the tumour is the fact that Leo has cancer still remains the same, he will need chemotheraphy as soon as possible to ensure another tumour does not grow. Tomorrow Leo will have another MRI scan just to double check everything is clear and then he will have a hickman line but inside him which is basically a tube inside his body where the doctors can extract blood and give him the chemotheraphy through. It will be less painful for him than being poked and prodded each time. It is a minor operation with minimal risks but while they have him asleep for the MRI they said they may as well do this so he could possibly begin chemo as early as next week.


The doctor said that we can decide about the chemo whether to continue here or in Spain so we have some decisions to make but it depends on the results on Tuesday anyway. He also said that when people are having chemo that even if Leo gets the flu or some little infection he has to be admitted into hospital! It is very very scary but we do not have a choose if we want him to live. He might have one intense chemo session a month for possibly a year then after radiotherapy.


Then the anaethetist came in and I had to sign consent forms for Leo for the local anaethestic tomorrow and then the surgeon came in and explained about the line they will put in and I had to sign another consent paper!  So no food or drink for Leo again tonight after 12pm! . Tomorrow I am guessing he will be really sleepy again all day.

Leo ate some weetabix and had a few giggles and smiles! It was as if nothing had happened to him yesterday! He was even asking for ice cream. Lol

Today was a good day! We are so so proud of Leo, and so proud to call him our baby boy. There are many many people that would have given up by now and thought sod this…..but not the little Lion….he just keeps going and going and fighting and fighting!

And some more good news today! Some really good friends who use to live by us in Spain are driving 4 hours here to see us on Monday!! We have not seen them in years! I am so looking forward to it. And also one residente doctor from Almeria Hospital who became more like a friend is arriving on Monday night to stay here and visit us all for 3 days!

The Little lion fell chilling in his bed now! So mummy and daddy are getting some chilling out time!



One thought on “Thursday 5th November 2015- We could not be prouder to call Leo the Lion our son.

  1. My advise is stay in the UK. I can’t go in to personal family details but it was a very bad experience and lost a loved one. They will give a hundred percent in the UK. Public health care in Spain is not what it used to be.


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