Friday 6th November 2015- 1 Month from today I hope my baby boy is happy and healthy and celebrating his 3rd Birthday!


Leo was so happy and content this morning, he was nil by mouth since midnight so he was quite a bit hungry.

At about 11.30am the surgeons took Leo the the theatre, Jorge held him when they put him to sleep and the operation and MRI was the planned to be 2 hours minimum.

My sister arrived here from London and we went for a walk and we got some food to kill the waiting time! After about 2.5hours Leo was back, we had been warned that he would be very sleepy and grouchy anaestetic but he was full of beans and smiling away! Again like nothing had happened.


I looked at the hickman line that he had put in him and it was a lot bigger than I expected, we had to put a shirt on Leo to stop him grabbing it and pulling it out. It was such a scary feeling that this could be inside him for a whole year. If the nurses needed to give him medication or extract bloods they could just use this to do those jobs as well as to give him the chemotheraphy doses. The surgeon said it is less painful than being poked every month for the chemo so it was really a no brainer.


I am worried about what happens if Leo pulls it, the surgeon was finding out if Leo can swim with it in him also. I will be, scared giving him a bath, shower etc… is so much to take in and Leo just keeps suffering all the time which feels like its on a daily basis at the moment. I wish I could take all of the pain away from him of even 1% of it.


When I moved Leo today some fluid came out onto my arm from his head, we called the doctors who put a new bandage on his head…I think it lasted for  a whole hour until Leo managed to pull it off again…..he hates having anything attached to him or put on his head. It must be so frustating for him. Later on the nurse put another one on his head, fingers crossed he keeps this new one on for the night.

The head neurosurgeon came in again today to check on Leo which was really nice, he was still happy with all of the progress and I told him that I could not thank him enough for what he has done for Leo.


The oncologist visited us, he introduced himself and told us he will speak to us on Tuesday, Apparently he is supposed to be the best oncologist in Europe so Leo is in safe hands!

It feels like we have been going through all of this pain and distress for years, but in reality it was 2 months ago today that Leo had his first operation. One month from today 6th December I pray that Leo will be happily celebrating his 3rd birthday with friends and family!


I was talking to my sister tonight and I still cannot believe or even say the words that ´My son has cancer´……I never dreamed of ever having to say those words especially as my son is not even 3 years old.

40Nearly forgot!! Poor Jorge has got sick from the cold damp English weather!

I made him put a surgical mask on so he doesn´t pass on germs to Leo! lol



One thought on “Friday 6th November 2015- 1 Month from today I hope my baby boy is happy and healthy and celebrating his 3rd Birthday!

  1. Karen keep praying, with the power of Jesus you will have your baby boy to celebrate his 3 years!!!! Clearly we been seeing how much God loves you and your family cuz he has been helping you!!.
    Lately very good news you been telling to All of us about all this process, ask Him with faith … ….. He will grant your wishes !!!!


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