Saturday 7th November 2015 – 3 more sleeps until we find out what the future hold for our baby boy! – Sorry for delay in posting! :)


Poor Jorge had been awake with Leo since 4am! And Jorge was still struck down with man flu! I stayed at the Mcdonald house with Roz. It was pouring it down this morning! Hopefully I wont end up getting struck down with the flu here also!

This morning a doctor came in and checked in on Leo, he explained a bit more about a few things so friendly and helpful with all of the questions and doubts I had. I think the people that work in this hospital are some of the most friendly people I have ever met, they have such a difficult demanding job but still have time to speak to you and spend time with you to ensure you understand everything well, they have so much patience. I do not think we could have chosen a better hospital to come to.


While I was lying down with Leo I noticed a lot of fluid leaking out onto the pillow from Leos head….the nurse called the doctor who arrived so quickly. Leo´s left side of his head had got bigger and bigger over the last 24 hours, it was due to cells producing some fluid when there is more space. The doctor drained Leos head by putting a tube into his head and sucking out the fluid, it looks a redish colour and there was loads of it. Apparently it was totally normal and Leo probably had it more as he had two brain operations so the head was softer.  After the doctor removed the liquid Leo seemed a lot more relaxed, maybe he was in pain from it. The doctor put on another bandage to put pressure on the head. We turned away for literally a second and Leo pulled it off his head! The doctor put it back on, and Leo did the same again…..the nurse said it wasn´t common for kids to really pull it off so many times as it was not common for them to be so active so soon after a brain operation!! Only Leo the Lion! Lol. Eventually the nurse came up with a new plan to put the bandage under Leo´s neck! He was starting to look more and more like a mummy.


Leo was a happy chappy with his first ice lolly today since the operation! And he was very very content with it, we got some huge smiles from him. And he was allowed an ice cream which made his day!

24 28

We were also allowed to take Leo for a walk around the ward and we took him to the play area which he really enjoyed.


Leo loved spending lots of time with his Aunty Roz today, so a very enjoyable day for the little lion! 🙂


The oncologist came again today and said that it might be a case of Leos being discharged for a little bit and then admitted again into the chemotherapy until once a treatment plan was agreed.

A fairly relaxed day all in all! We need to just make the most of and enjoy this time with Leo until we find out about his plan for the chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

I got a lovely photo from the Lion Club which made me smile!  I had to share it with you all.

lion club

And today this beautiful gift arrived to our house in Spain! It is so touching and means so much. Thank You.

31 30

Today the event of the Love, Play and Have a good day for Leo was an amazing success! They managed to raise 1100gbp in 3 hours which is incredible!!!! Thank you so much to all who were involved.

69 68 66

It touches me so much the amazing kind messages from strangers, and these events taking place all for my little boy, I want you all to know how much we all appreciate it all and I can promise when Leo is better that he will be thanking you all in person!

65 63 62 61 60

Today (Sunday) is the event at The Bistro in Pueblo Laguna, so if you have an afternoon free pop on down there!



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