Sunday 8th & Monday 9th November 2015- Hoping this new drainage system for Leos head works!


Yesterday was a happy day for the little lion as he was flooded with cards,presents and visitors and he even got more ice cream which kept him very happy.

My brother, sister and Karl were here yesterday and leo was really loving all of the attention. He still looked like the same cheeky Leo except sitting down in the pram and not running riot everywhere.

I am actually lost for words at how good Leo is doing since the operation considering the second operation should have been more dangerous. I saw a video of Leo a few days after the operation in Spain and it does not even look like Leo, his pupils were in the corner of his eyes, yellow skin colour, and weird convulsion movements with his left hand. It really is incredible the difference now….nobody will ever know if things could have been different had we been here in the UK for the first operation but at the end of the day the doctors in Spain saved Leos life and they are willing to help us with whatever we need now…we can only focus on the future now no more of the past.

Yesterday Leos head was still leaking so I think now he had 3 pressure bandages as he kept pulling them off! He did it in like a split second! He is still such a cheeky little monkey!


He ate really well yesterday, he had a pureed roast chicken dinner. He had not been eating too well as he was constipated but they gave him some laxatives and they seemed to do the job! J

I told a doctor recently that I had been reading a lot of stuff on the net about the tumours and cancer and he told me that I should just really look at charity websites as they are more accurate, he said that people tend to post blogs and comments when they have had a negative experience….which I guess was also my case when I began the blog because I did feel angry/upset and a bit let down but now I trust this hospital with Leos life in their hands more than anyone else… but now it has changed to more positive and I cannot believe there are nearly 2000 viewers each day on the blog so I have to continue writing it now..and I can just pray it will be a story with a very very happy ending…when it eventually finishes, rather sooner than later.

I heard that the event at the Bistro was a huge success and again I have to say it that we were so overwelmed at the support from so many people and the amount of money raised was incredible, more than we could have ever imagined. Sofia was very happy with the prizes she won! I will try to find a variety of photos to put up soon.

This hard journey in my life has really taught me about that things that really matter in life and those are the things worth fighting for and making sacrifices for. I think that one of the reasons we have been put on this journey is to come to this realization, and to meet the most amazing people and make new friends who we know will be friends for life no matter what, people who  will be there to support us through thick and thin. (you all know who you are ). I threw an olive branch out to a couple of people and the branch was quite obviously not accepted…the branch should have really been thrown the other way anyway .… but again I have realized that these little things in the past were not important…. maybe these people obviously have not gone through a life experience yet or maybe never will that will make them realize that silly /petty things really do not matter anymore. (I would never wish this pain upon my worst enemy).  As long as the ones you love and cherish are happy and healthy then you have everything complete in your life…money is not even important. I would gladly live on the streets without a penny to my name to have to go through all of this..even 1% of it again.  We also want people to do things to support Leo because it is their heart that tells them to, and they really feel for Leo suffering all of this pain and they want to help him recover and also help us through this, if is it for any other motive or purpose then we would prefer not to have it. My family and our good friends old and new are strong enough to take on an army at the moment…lol. Ok rant over now! Lol. Hormones and emotions all over the place at the moment—been a long ass couple of months and there is no light! Thinking it is really starting to take its tether on me now. I really need a sign that says ´approach with caution´at the moment….do not cross me! Lol.

Last night Leos pulse rate was very low, the nurse was quite worried so she called the doctor. The doctor ordered a CT Scan to be on the safe side.

She said there was not a lot of difference since the last scan, but they prefered for Leo to fast until the morning just in case he needed surgery. In the morning the doctors came round and said that as Leos fluid in his head was not absorbing so they wanted to put in an external drain in him.

Poor Leo was hungry and thirsty and did not get taken into the operation until 1.30pm. The whole procedure was about 1.5 hours in total. Leo came back very groggy and grumpy. The surgeon said it was successful. Poor Leo he had more anaestetics in the last 2 months than some people have in their whole life. Eventually he perked up and was smiling but he was trying to constantly pull all the tubes and drain out of him. We tried to tie a nappy around his arm and put tape on but he used his teeth and pulled it off and then


Hopefully tomorrow Leo´s pathology report and a small sample of the tumour from Spain will arrive and it will help them to speed up things down here and have a more accurate diagnosis!

The day brightened up at the end with Leo smiling and some good friends coming to visit us with a beautiful card and gift!! Thank you so much…..and my doctor friend Maria arrived to visit us!!

54 50 53


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